Produkcja wyrobów gumowych The rubber elements produced by us are widely used in various fields of economy.
Products manufactured by Kamgum can be divided into several groups of gaskets
that perform the function:
1. Sealing or sealing-scraping:
    - orings
    - X–rings (quarters)
    - "U" seals (pistons)
    - "V" seals (lip seals)
    - shape gaskets, flat
2. Protective:
    - all kinds of covers that fill the sealing and covering role
    - grommets, u-type edge seals fill the protective role of sharp edges
3. Other seals semi-finished products that we make for order.

Production methods:
For the production of gaskets - elastomeric rubber elements we use the compression method.
Semi-finished product - the rubber mix is handmade put into a mold, then both halves (upper and lower) are closed.
Rubber products are made of various types of rubber in the vulcanization process (cross-linking) semi-finished product in heated molds.

Before choosing a material for a gasket - a rubber detail, three groups of requirements should be considered:
1. Working temperature: In what temperature range is the rubber detail to be used (min and max temperature)?
2. Chemical resistance: What media should the rubber seal or detail be insulated to, what should it be resistant to?
3. Mechanical properties: What is the use of a seal? Is it a static or dynamic seal?
Regeneration of rubber-metal valves
Rubber-metal valves manufactured in our company are most often made of aluminum 2017A or PA6 and brass. Aluminum material 2017A or PA6 after execution is most often anodized so that the work surface is resistant to friction and material wear. Valves-bushings are most often used in various types of pneumatic valves, which are part of larger systems - electronic - mechanical, most often used in road transport cars.

At the same time, next to new production, we can and regenerate old ones, which have a damaged rubber part, but in good condition steel body. Plastic valves cannot always be regenerated because some polymers dissolve when the valve is regenerated. Valves that are on offer at our company can be regenerated, but in addition to them we also repair other pieces. Valve regeneration consists in removing the used rubber element and applying a new layer of sealing rubber.
Realization of new projects We make molds based on the technical drawing on the client’s order,
or finally according to the rubber element supplied.

We advise and help determine what the final commissioned rubber element should look like,
to meet customer requirements.
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